NAILED IT! Just Born Too Early… AGAIN.

EVERYONE should feel as fantastic as I did

How I see myself at the interview
How I see myself at the interview

when I walked out of that job interview.I actually felt like I was floating! And because it was New York City, I had to walk, or

They saw while they were interviewing me
They saw while they were interviewing me

float, only a few steps before I found a chic little cafe where I could sit, unwrap, (it was the middle of this frigid winter, so I was wrapped like a burrito) and gloat. No, not gloat… revel. Revel in my own sense of personal awesomeness. Yes, I was awesome! I sat in that conference room with three strangers, which I think was an ambush move since the woman I spoke with never mentioned a group) and responded intelligently, appropriately, and creatively to a list of questions that ranged from the typical (‘where do you see yourself in five years?”) to the complex (“how does your work experience specifically lend itself to this position?”) I was articulate and calm. Proud of my past achievements, but not cocky or boastful. And at the endI made sure they knew how excited I was for the opportunity. I hit it out of the park, folks, and since I was still at the beginning of this job search, I was optimistic. I called friends and family, used the baseball terminology and when I received the e-mail two weeks later thanking me for applying and pointing out that I’m sure to find another opportunity soon. Yes. And then I grabbed one of those monkeys that flew out of my ass.

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