Some Things You Never Remember, Some Things You Always Forget

…and then there are those little things that stick in your head and reappear every time you do something: take a bite of a certain food, perform a selected ritual… and those things that pop in your head so often seem arbitrary, and random! Every time I take the half and half out of the fridge, pinch the top and shake it before pouring it into my coffee, I flash on Jeff Goldblum doing that in “The Big Chill.”

This means I think about that moment almost every day. Why? Of the billions of moments that have passed through my eyeballs and into my brain, why this one? And of course, the next question: who cares? And THAT’S why these blogs are ass-backwards, because instead of vomiting out every thought that enters my head before it exits, I SHOULD be sitting quietly, mindfully, and meditate, which I try to do and then can’t, so instead of course, I do this.

What is its value?

Does it improve the world?



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