GETTING FIRED & BAD SEX: 2 Sides of the Same Blecch

  • If you haven’t experienced it, your life choices have so far been too narrow.
  • Once it happens, you never want it to happen again, but if you live long enough, it probably will.
  • You can usually sense in your gut that it’s coming, but your head tries to rationalize that it’s not going to happen, and then it does.
  • You are stunned, then angry, then sad. Then angry again.

    It’s not your fault… is it?
  • Can you admit that it just may be possible that you’re at least a little bit at fault?
  • No. It’s them, not you. You know you don’t deserve this.
  • Why didn’t anyone warn you? Someone must have known about this, but didn’t tell you.
  • Getting drunk afterwards helps. Or ice cream. Lots. Or both.
  • You have to keep up a false front and hold in all your mixed up, churning emotions until you’re out of there. You need to be stoic, and not freak out. Freaking out only makes it worse.

    Oh, God, I need a drink.
  • There really is no question that you could ask that will make the situation any better.
  • Even when you brush up on your skills, educate yourself, and get a lot more life experience, it will most likely happen again.
  • And it will once again feel awful, awful, awful. Just as bad as that first time, and maybe even worse.
  • And it’s STILL not your fault, dammit!

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