Half a Man Can Still Kill

James Stacy
Field: Entertainment

Info: He co-starred in the TV series “Lancer” and played Fred on the TV series “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”, he lost an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident when he was hit by a car

The handsome actor hit the news
when a drunk driver hit him
killed his girlfriend
on the back of his Harley
and sent his arm flying to the top of a roof
(his leg landed elsewhere).

Hours of tv time given to the “unfairness”
the gruesome ghastly horror of a man losing half himself
the heroic struggle
that didn’t end in suicide.

He would later show up on tv dramas
handsome and grizzled
A Survivor.
And now
decades later
his name again in the paper

the words “pedophile” and “charges” next to it

She told the court he invited her eleven year old to swim
and “fondled her genitals.”

With only one hand [left]
and one leg to stand on
he kills her a little,
even though
he’s known for so many years now
how it feels
to be ripped apart.



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